:: basking in the utter gloriousness of spring

:: finishing up some pretty string blocks for do good stitches (shamefully late! gaahh!)

:: getting ready for a little downton abbey whilst ripping the paper from the blocks
(a little saucier than most bbc series I've seen, maybe a little too saucy, but it's so darned good)

:: fabric scheming for a special project for a special friend

:: listening to the dusky chorus of sleepy birds and waking frogs

:: also the wailin' jennys

:: with a side of (a little more) ben + jerry's...mmmmm

what's your night looking like?


If Toys Could Talk said...

Sounds like a great night! Tonight I'm nursing my toddler to sleep, then I'll spend the rest of the evening carving a stamp for my mom's birthday present. :)

Diane said...

Aaaaaaaaaah! SPRING! How do I love thee?!

We just finished a little teriyaki chicken with steamed veggies over coconut rice. Babies have been bathed and tucked in bed. Next on the list, reading "Gone with the Wind" while the hubby exercises. Possibly a little "Chuck" and cuddling. =)

April said...

Love the first picture! Downton Abbey is fab (and a little naughty, yes)!

Jenny said...

I love that pock-a-dot fabric! And the picture of the girls are to die for!

Oh and my night is no where near as fun. Off to mutual activities soon, then it's home for the whole bedtime routine, then a date with the treadmill and American Idol. (I love my DVR!) No ice cream in my future..... :(

Jentry said...

Love Downton Abbey. I've watched it twice. Also your rhubarb looks amazing.