little gifts for quality friends

Getting packages in the mail is the best. This little number is for my old friend Nicole, who is quite possibly the classiest lady I know. She a) has a classy job at Pottery Barn's corporate office, b) lives in a classy apartment in SF, c) is classy.

The apron is based on this Grosgrain tutorial from forever ago. Nicole & I made a trade deal back at Christmastime where she made a (uh-huh) classy certificate on deliciously thick paper, certifying that my man could pick out a fancy man-watch as his Christmas present, in return for which I would make her an apron to match her new kitchen. I'm just a leeeeetle bit late (covers eyes).

That got me to thinking of other possible housewarming/just because gifts to make or buy and send to friends. Some ideas (because who doesn't love getting happy mail?) --

pistachio-apricot granola (peeps. you should make this anyway, right. now. uber props to my rad sister in law)

bunting! (duh, silly.)

I always hesitate a little to randomly send someone home decor stuff (what if they hate it?) -- but these ideas are so cute and non-threatening that hey, if nothing else, they'll know you love 'em.

What do you think? Do you give home dec stuff as gifts? What's your go-to?


Jenny said...

I think I love that table! I might make Kaman build it for me - but double the size so I can seat three up each side and two on each end. Hey I need a big table - six kids will do that. :)

Nicole said...

Love love LOVE the classy apron! You're the bestest. Fo Sho. : D