oh yes i did.

GI Jane Day, peeps.
10 hours where we experienced (some) of what our husbands do every day.
PT. Road march. Water survival. MREs. Kevlar. Obstacle course. Forever-long truck rides. Guns. Ammo. 
My proudest moments: completing the Weaver AND
winning the obstacle course race with Ingrid and Danielle.
Yeah baby.
Awesome day...but boy am I whooped.


Tina said...

That is just awesome :)

S said...

Love seeing my girl in p.i.n.k!

megan&steve said...

Wow. OH . WOW. I am impressed. I'm sure you were there lifting spirits and cheering the others on too. Smile on your face and concentration in your eyes.

Diane said...

Oh, you're amazing! I love it!