right now: on my radar

My big sister's music. Her arrangements are getting more gorgeous all the time. Case in point.
The Honest Toddler. I don't really go for humor blogs, but this one is hee-larious.
French onion soup sandwiches, aka heaven on a plate.
Southwest-style sweaters in bright colors. This one's sold out, anyone know of something similar?
Seedfolks. A beautiful little morsel of a book. It would be amazing for a book group.
Field Study + simple strip quilt. I need to make this happen.
Safer birth in a barn. Oh yes.
Growing out a pixie cut, month by month. Rachel is my hair muse.
These guys.




The Giuliacci Family said...

Awww...thanks for the shout-out. I love Daddy/baby shots. Adorable!

sarah said...

I LOVE this pic! Max smiling up at R...we need a copy of this one for the next family book jen's making for Christmas.

Tom and Sherry said...

What a beautiful smile!

Paizlee said...

Just wanted you to know that the Southwestern style sweater you blogged is back in stock at Paizlee! Here is the link:


Thanks so much for your post!