autumn bunting

Maren and I did a little sewing this week while Max was sleeping. She is so good at sitting on my lap and patiently feeding the fabric into the machine. I never used to sew while the kids were awake, but having Lizzy at school makes things so much less crazy during the day. I swear that girl was made for kindergarten. Anyway. I had a bunch of autumn-y fabrics that I got from a friend of a friend years ago, and I love the way they add a dose of fall to the house. We picked up some mini pumpkins and corn from the farmer's market, laid down some burlap, added a black cat, et voila! Insta-autumn.


April said...

It's nice that you have some time alone with Maren. It's probably just what she needs! Is Lizzy in full day Kindergarten? It's great that she loves it so much.

I thought that cat was real, LOL!

amanda said...

The cat is real! She's made it her new perch. Crazy feline.