autumn leaves

Autumn leaves are so magical. Last night I went to a church ladies' activity where the main point was to bring a pumpkin treat and then eat them all. Can I get an amen! I was all set to make some pumpkin-spice mashmallows, but then I walked away from the stove at a critical moment and burned the sugar syrup. Good one.

We are staying inside today, mostly, nursing some sniffles and resting up with hopes of a nice weekend for garden-mulching. In between rocking babies and watching Wonder Pets, I'm catching up on some old National Geographics and making progress in Turn Right at Machu Picchu and Rough Stone Rolling (they're both really good) and ignoring the housework. Here's wishing you a crunchy-sidewalked, cozy-cidered, warm-footed sort of day.


Erin Bigler said...

I'm slowly working my way through Rough Stone Rolling as well. "Eat lots of pumpkin treats" is the best party theme I've ever heard. Happy fall!

loveandlife5 said...

I let too much time pass in between visits to your blog & I regret it. Love the autumn fun & the pure joy that jumps off the screen as I puruse (sp?)your thoughts & pictures. Happy Thursday Amanda!