hello tuesday: halloween + autumn links

Some things you should know:
* I did a quickie banner update for Halloween. Click over to have a little look-see.
* The cute spider is thanks to The Ink Nest, my new fave clip art source. So many cute drawings! I want every single one of her clip art sets, especially the jars.
* People tell me all the time that Max looks just like Maren. Lies, all lies. He looks like Lizzy! 
* This is Max's first camo. Hooah.
* I finished the first season of Once Upon a Time the other night and really liked it. Then last night I watched the first episode of the new season, and it pretty much lost me. A whole town's worth of people gets magically transported to our world, ok, I can handle that, but Emma and Mary-Margaret jumping back through a hat-spun wormhole because the grim reaper grabbed them by the ankles? Nope. Sorry Charlie. No can do. Besides, I'm getting sick of Charming boo-hooing all the time and having that single tear perpetually rolling down his cheek. WIPE IT OFF, BROTHER.
* The girls are going to be butterflies for Halloween. Their skirts are rad (pictures forthcoming). If I can manage it I really really really want Max to be Max.
* Lizzy's school doesn't allow costumes (yes, really) so I picked up some cute Halloween fabric for a couple of quick circle skirts. Seriously, try this tutorial, it will change your life.
* These pumpkin roll pancakes might be about to change my life. My sister made them, sans creamy stuff, last night & said they were awesome. I'm copying her tomorrow night.

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