what i read this year

I think I'm happiest when I have an idiotically huge reading stack. I'm reading more non-fiction every year, and I love the stuff I'm learning -- seed saving, sewing, and herbalism, to name a recent few. I read a lot of fiction this year, too -- The Thirteenth Tale and Pope Joan were two of my faves -- the kind of books that have you sneaking a page in between changing the poopy diaper and sauteing the onions (ok, bad parallel, but you know what I'm talking about). If you're looking for a few to add to your list, here's what I read this year, listed in order of when I finished them, most recent books first (sorry it's obnoxiously long...if I were smarter I'd make it into a nice grid, but I'm not that smart).

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Erin Bigler said...

What? I used to think we were secret book twins, but I hated (HATED) The Thirteenth Tale. And why anyone would read The Pearl by choice is a mystery to me (or is that just the picture?). I began and quit reading The Hobbit to my kids this year. We all voted The Chronicles of Narnia a better use of our time and agreed to move on.

Maybe we're just book sistas. Happy 2013.